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What started as the vision of two friends, has quickly developed into a multi faceted company with a strong focus on one simple goal ; cultivate change and promote innovation within the hospitality industry.


To Innovate within our industry.


To offer our product as a combination of service, appearance, attitude, timeliness, and our exceptional food.


To Exceed Customer Expectations


To Provide Genuine Hospitality, Every time



Founder's Highlight

It started with one gig, and two guys who were fanatically passionate about food. An ordinary Christmas party was transformed into a food centric spectacle centered around an oak burning fire and seafood sizzling on the surface of a large Himalayan salt block. 

We had created an experience for our guests that was something larger than just food, and a new endeavor had officially begun. While we knew we were onto something, we had no idea our love for food would develop into such a thriving business. We look forward to providing genuine hospitality to our clients everyday, as well as progressing our craft within the hospitality industry. We hope that our passion for what we do can translate into a one-of-a-kind experience for our clients no matter the scope of the project.
Founders Ryan Conigliaro & Scott Roberts

Founders Ryan Conigliaro & Scott Roberts


Our Team

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