A meal is a certain configuration of INGREDIENTS, time, space and people.

Throughout time and in all parts of the world, humans have eaten together socially. But today, eating is increasingly viewed as an individual act governed by health and convenience. We eat protein bars on the go, microwaved meals at our desks and fast food in our cars. We have forgotten there is more to food than calories and there is more to a meal than the simple act of eating.

We believe food is meant to be shared and celebrated with others. At the end of the day, that's at the core of why we do what we do. The dinner table has always served as a symbol of congregation; it is a place to gather, delight in conversation and savor a homemade meal in the company of others.

That’s why we’ve created Back to the Table, an initiative to rediscover the purpose of sharing a meal with others. It is an invitation to have a meaningful dining experience- to appreciate and enjoy the pleasures of good food and good company. Back to the Table strives to create and cement social bonds, encourage regular and routine gatherings and provide opportunities to unite, connect and interact with others in the community.

By creating food for a purpose, we hope to bring people- friends, family and strangers- back to the table to celebrate what eating is really all about.