An "Elevated" Wedding Table


Alex and Eric had determined early in the wedding process that they wanted something a little less traditional than the standard seated, coursed service.

Food was such an important part of their wedding, because food has always been an important part of their cultures and their relationship.

The couple thought it would be special to use the menu as an opportunity to pay homage to their families responsible for helping them become who they are! 

Alex and Eric didn’t have specific requirements, but since both have family backgrounds that include Irish heritage and Filipino heritage they gave us the opportunity to create a menu of dishes that highlighted the diversity of their backgrounds, but that complemented and paired well together (like them!), we combined Filipino lumpia and Pancit, to Guinness Stout Chicken and Brisket and Cabbage and other fun items to their family style meal. In Alex’s words “Saltblock managed to create a menu that truly outdid every one of our expectations! They knocked it out of the park!” 


Since the couple wanted a meal that allowed their guests to continue the celebration while eating, instead of feeling like the dinner interrupted the fun! We decided a family style menu that was exciting and unique would give us the opportunity to truly showcase the food, while providing a chance for their friends and family to share and connect! It was the best of both worlds – a clear variety of plates, and the freedom for their guests to serve themselves, while also indulging in their personal favorites!

Simplicity was key for the couple with most of their décor choices. The venue is so amazing that they wanted the tablescapes to complement the beautiful space, without overpowering it. Due to size constraints, the couple had to change their original design from wooden farm tables to standard tables. Once we knew we were moving forward with family style food service, our team and the couple thought that the baskets and wooden planks were the perfect opportunity to bring the wood texture back to the table! After a little crafty/diy brainstorming plus Pinterest searching we had the perfect inspiration we needed. Wooden planks atop wire baskets, the style fit their vision perfectly!!